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Easy to Use

Simply paste any YouTube video URL into the converter box and click on the convert button.

Fast Download

The converter uses multiple threads to download MP3, so you can get your MP3 quickly.

5 MP3 Format

The converter supports a wide range of MP3 formats, so you can download your favourite MP3 formats.

High quality MP3

As the converter supports wide range of Mp3 format, so you can easily download High quality Mp3.

No Registration/Fee

The converter is free to use, with no registration and hidden fees.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

You may easily get 5 format of mp3 in a second by using our YouTube to MP3 converter tool, So welcome. We are aware of how widely used YouTube is as a distribution channel for audio files like music and podcasts.

However, there are occasions when you might want to listen to your favourite songs on a portable device, such as an MP3 player or smartphone, Our conversion service is useful in this situation.

Benefits of Converting YouTube Videos to MP3?

There are numerous benefits to converting YouTube videos into MP3 format. It grants you the freedom to enjoy your preferred tracks anywhere, independent of an internet connection or concerns about buffering problems.

Furthermore, it enables the creation of customized playlists and effortless access to your favorite songs whenever desired. Our website “Theif Youtube to mp3 converter” offers a straight forward and effective solution for converting YouTube videos to MP3, simplifying the process of expanding your music collection and enriching your listening pleasure.

Why to Convert Video of YouTube to MP3?

There are lots of reason why you would convert videos of YouTube to mp3 here are some reasons.

1. Portability and offline listening

You can enjoy your favourite songs offline by Converting YouTube videos to MP3. Once the youtube videos converted to mp3 You can transfer the Mp3 files to your tablet, smartphone, laptop or MP3 player etc. And the best part is it’s can Play without data so if your are in a place where net not works so don’t worry you can easily listing Mp3 offline.

2. Freedom from buffering and internet connectivity issues

The need on a steady internet connection that comes with streaming music directly from YouTube is one of the drawbacks. Your listening experience may be ruined by buffering and interruptions. You may get rid of these problems by turning YouTube videos into MP3 files. Since the converted files are kept locally on your device, you may enjoy uninterrupted listening free from delays brought on by unstable network connections.

3. Personalized playlists and easy access to favorite tracks

You can make customised playlists catered to your preferences by downloading YouTube videos as MP3 files. All of your favourite songs can be compiled and arranged into playlists for various situations or moods. Your device’s MP3 files make it simple to access your favourite music, saving your the time and effort of looking for them on YouTube.

How to Convert Videos of YouTube to MP3 on our Website?

1. Copy youtube url

If you want to convert YouTube to MP3 then Visit YouTube and open any video which you want to convert to MP3. Click on the share button, and you’ll see an option to copy the URL. Click on it to copy the URL of that YouTube video.

2. Paste the URL on our website

Visit our website and find the URL section at the top of the website. Paste the YouTube video URL by right clicking and selecting “Paste” or using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+V” to paste the URL into the provided section.

3. Click on “Convert to mp3” button

Now paste the YouTube video URL in the box to convert to MP3, and click on the yt to mp3 converter button.

4. Wait for approximately 3 seconds

You’ll be happy to know that when you click on the convert to mp3 button, you just have to wait for about 3 seconds to convert your video to MP3.

5. Minimum 5 format of mp3

You can see minimum 5 format of mp3 after pasting url on box and click on convert button.

6. Choose you favourite mp3 and download

Now choose you favourite or required mp3 click on it. May be it’s redirect to another website so come Back, now your mp3 is ready to download.

7. Click on download button

Now you’ll find a download button just click on it, by doing this your mp3 is automatically Download.

Summary to download:– You just have to copy youtube video url to convert in mp3 now paste the url on the top of the section there is a url section. Now after pasting click on “Convert to Mp3” button and wait for atleast 3 sec.

In 3 sec we’ll provide you atleast 5 MP3 formats click on any one which you want to download may be by click on this you redirected to another website just come back by doing this you are able to see a Download button just click on it. By doing this your mp3 will download automatically.

Why YouTube to mp3 converting tools is not working?

There could be a number of reasons for the YouTube to MP3 converter tool is not working. Here are some reasons.

1. Invalid or unsupported YouTube to MP3 URL

The conversion process might not succeed if the YouTube URL you’re trying to convert to MP3 is inaccurate or not supported by our conversion tool. Make sure that you copied url of video from YouTube to convert video in mp3 is accurate and complete url. don’t give us incomplete or half url of videos to convert it into Mp3.

2. Connectivity issues

The YouTube to MP3 conversion procedures may be hampered by a shaky or interrupted internet connection. Before attempting to convert the YouTube to MP3, confirm that your internet connection is steady.

3. Technical difficulties

There may occasionally be brief interruptions in the converting process due to technical problems with our website or the YouTube to MP3 conversion application. If you have any problems, it’s probable that there is a short term problem being actively worked on by our staff.

4. The video is blocked or removed

If the video you’re trying to convert is blocked or removed, the converter won’t be able to access it. You can check the YouTube video’s page to see if it’s been blocked or removed.

Remember:- Please keep that in mind these are only few reasons why your YouTube videos are not converted in mp3. There could be some others factory why your videos are not converted in mp3.

But don’t worry there are lots of users who uses our tool (Theif Youtube to Mp3 Converter) daily but they never faced any problem. You can call these as small error by but not a problem. If your are still facing any problem then please inform us.

Benefits of Using Our Theif Youtube to Mp3 Converter Tool

1. High quality conversions for excellent audio experience

Excellent audio quality is maintained in the converted MP3 file thanks to our conversion programme. By offering high fidelity audio, we hope to improve your listening experience. Your favourite music will sound as clear and sharp as ever, offering the intended audio experience.

2. Fast and efficient processing

We respect your time because you are giving your golden time to our website. so your time is valuable to us, thus we gave our conversion tool top priority when it comes to speed and effectiveness.

Your MP3 files will only need to wait a short while for conversions thanks to the speedy processing of our system. Using our programme, you can quickly and easily convert a number of YouTube videos in mp3 and save you a lot of time and work with our conversion tool.

3. User friendly interface for easy conversion

The user friendly layout on our website is intended to make the converting procedure as straight forward as possible. Even if you lack technical expertise, you may easily convert Youtube to MP3 thanks to our simplified process. You are smoothly guided through the procedure by the user friendly design and detailed instructions.

4. Emphasis on privacy and data security

We prioritize your privacy and data security. When you use our conversion tool we’ll not ask anything about your Gmail, number, Names, Age, Gender etc. You can use our tools in free and without giving any personal information.

5. Multiple MP3 Formats

Our converter provides you five different MP3 formats to choose. This ensures that you can select the format that best suits your needs, whether it’s high quality audio for your personal music collection or a smaller file size for easier sharing.

6. Free of Cost

We believe in providing a valuable service without any financial burden on our users. Our YouTube to MP3 converter is completely free to use, offering unlimited conversions without any hidden charges.

7. No Account Needed

You don’t need to create an account or sign up to use our converter. It’s a Effortless process that respects your privacy and saves you time.


You may greatly improve your music listening experience by converting YouTube to MP3 format. You can listen to your favourite songs without being connected to the internet by converting videos and gaining the freedom to do so.

Create personalised playlists for quick access to your favourite music and take advantage of seamless playback without buffering problems. Now is the ideal moment to begin converting YouTube videos to MP3 if you haven’t already.

You may create your own music library and enjoy your favourite tracks whenever and wherever you want thanks to the straight forward and effective conversion tool offered by our website.

Start converting videos of YouTube to MP3 through our website right away. Make customised playlists, enjoy the comfort and freedom of offline listening, and improve your musical experience. Use our simple tool to quickly convert your favourite video of YouTube in MP3.

FAQ on Theif Youtube to Mp3 Converter

Is it permissible to convert videos from YouTube to MP3?

Downloading YouTube videos in MP3 format may or may not be legal in your area. Our website complies with all copyright regulations and follows the law. We advise users against downloading any copyrighted MP3 videos for usage in businesses.

Is it possible to convert long YouTube videos to MP3?

With our conversion programme, you may convert long YouTube videos to MP3 format. There are no limitations on the conversion of videos with different lengths.

Can I convert multiple YouTube videos at once?

You can convert infinity videos to mp3 in a day but you can’t convert multiple youtube video into Mp3 at once, you can only converter 1 youtube video into mp3 at once, first convert 1 video then convert another.

Is my personal information safe when using your conversion tool?

Yes your personal information is safe we don’t even ask you to share your name.

Are there any limitations on the number of conversions I can make?

No there are no limitations in the number of conversion. You can convert infinity videos of youtube to mp3.

Can I use the converted MP3 files for commercial purposes?

It is dependent upon the copyright and authorization of the original content. You are not allowed to use any copyrighted content; instead, you must ask the owner of the content if you may use it. If the content is not copyrighted, however, you are free to use it. No copyright protected MP3 may be used for profit without authorization. It is your responsibility to determine if the content is copyrighted or not.

How long does it take to convert a video of YouTube to MP3?

The duration it take to convert videos of YouTube to mp3 depends on only 1 factor that is your internet speed. if you have normal speed not so slow not too fast than don’t worry it’ll takes maximum 2 sec to convert videos of YouTube to mp3.